Healthy Eating Policy

Scoil Mhuire Lourdes


In line with our aim of  promoting health in our school we have reviewed our  healthy school lunch policy.

The goal of this healthy lunch policy is to encourage children to have lunches that add to their well-being rather than hinder it.

Apart from the obvious benefits of staying fit and healthy, teaching good eating habits can also help to improve a child’s self-esteem and decreases the risk of lifestyle illnesses later in life.

The following are recommended:-

  • Bread/ roll/ wrap /pitta/ crackers/plain rice cakes with a healthy filling/topping
  • Pasta
  • All kinds of fruit (incl. dried)
  • All kinds of vegetables
  • Cheese pieces/slices
  • Yogurt (fruit flavoured/plain. Please leave sweet toppings at home
  • Unflavoured popcorn. Nuts


Please be aware of the sugar content of many drinks. The HSE recommends water /milk as the best drinks for children and young adults.

If you feel your child must have a treat, we

will limit this to Fridays only.

On Fridays pupils may have a small serving of one of the following

Brack, home baking, plain biscuit (no chocolate or cream coating) non-chocolate cereal bars.

The following are not part of our healthy lunch policy

  • Crisps (and all such savoury snacks)
  • Sweets
  • bars
  • Chocolate
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Winders

If  in doubt about whether something is acceptable or not please

check with class teacher or principal.

In line with the above policy we ask parents not to send in cakes/biscuits/sweets etc.  to celebrate particular occasions, especially birthdays.

When there is a class “party” (e.g Christmas) only ” Friday treats” are acceptable.

  • To reduce litter volume and to cultivate a healthy attitude towards waste management we ask all children to take home left-over lunch, yogurt carton, wrapping etc. This helps to alleviate the amount of rubbish which accumulates over the week, but more importantly parents can see what is being eaten or not.  Unfortunately a small number of children try to dispose of their lunch by throwing some or all of it in the bin.
  • As part of our Green School Policy we ask you to use a lunch-box. Also, a re-usable container for drinks (e.g. plastic bottle) ideal for younger children who find it difficult to open cartons and helps drinks storage between “break” and “lunch”.
  • Fruit peel, apple cores etc. are placed in the compost bin – either in classroom or yard.

Ratified by BOM Oct. 17th 2016.

Implementation date  7th Nov. 2016