Board of Management

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Board of Management

The body responsible for the running of the school is called the Board of Management. The Board is made up of a group of eight people. The school is a Catholic School and is under the Patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin.

The Board of Management is elected every four years. The Bishop appoints the Chairperson and one other member to serve on the Board. Two parents’ representatives are elected from the general body of parents.

Current Board of Management

Patron Nominee & Chairperson – Gerry Connolly
Patron Nominee – Mary McQuinn
Principal – Marie Coen
Teachers’ Nominee – Rebecca Kennedy
Parents’ Nominee – Helena Hunt
Parents’ Nominee- Keith Purdy
Community Nominee – Pat O’ Toole
Community Nominee – Jacinta O’Toole

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