Photos 2013 – 2014


Junior Infants on their tour to the George Bernard Shaw Theatre for a puppet show and visual experience.

Juniors enjoying  a picnic in Rathwood.




Senior Infants and 1st Class had a sensory experience in the Delta Gardens


 and great fun at the Lego Workshop





2nd Class saw lots of unusual animals at Kia-Ora Pet Farm and  loved holding the smaller pets.

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2nd finished off the day bowling in Pirates’ Cove

DSCF1234 DSCF1233 DSCF1236



 3rd and 4th classes learned about times long ago at the National Heritage Park, Ferrycarraig.

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 Happy it’s lunchtime!!

DSCF1192 DSCF1189 DSCF1190 DSCF1191 DSCF1195 DSCF1193 DSCF1194

 And then on to Leisure Max for fun and games



6th class had an action packed day at  Baltinglass Adventure Centre with canoeing, archery orienteering, rockclimbing and lots more.

DSCF1435   DSCF1410             DSCF1436

Great fun at the 3rd class Sports Day

DSCF3551      DSCF3548

DSCF3541  DSCF3510

 DSCF3531      DSCF3528

Junior Infants went on an Egg Hunt for Easter. Who is the Bunny!!!



3rd class  Art

DSCF3351    DSCF3352


The Green Schools’ Committee organised an art competition. The theme was: “Make a musical instrument from recycled materials”.  The prizewinners are pictured with their winning instruments.

Art work in 3rd class : Alberto Giacometti figures

3rd class Maths activities


St. Brigid’s Crosses