Learning Packs for Covid 19


Information for families about online learning 1st February 2021 WEBSITE

In a bid to continue on with the wonderful learning that has been taking place in the school, we have designed a ‘weekly plan’ of work for each class.

This will be uploaded every weekend for the girls before they are due to start the activities each Monday. The first pack will be uploaded on 11th January 2021, and will continue until our return back to school.


  1. Click on the class and the week of work to gain access to i.e. suggest that you read through all the content provided before beginning any work in the event that a specific item may be required for a task e.g paper/ colouring pencils etc. on a given day.

2. Each teacher will include in the plan their email address for the submission of work/ point of contact in supporting the girls with their learning. Please be mindful that we to are working our way through this process in these unprecedented times, but are here to support. We will endeavour to respond to submitted work and queries about the content where possible.

3. Some of the work may require a stable internet connection, however, there are some activities that can be done in the home without any internet or devices. If you do not have access to the internet, or only have so intermittently, please encourage your child to do the other activities assigned.

4.We have been considering various ways that will ensure you as a parent/guardian are supported to be enabled to assist your child from home. We are aware of the many stresses this current environment has placed upon the whole school community and do not wish to impact on these stresses unnecessarily. If you or your child cannot find the time to complete the content within this email, that is within your rights as parent/guardian not to do so.

5. For families who find that there is too much/ too little work for their child I encourage you to do only what suits your family and the timetable you have set up. We do not want to increase anxiety or stress at an already difficulty time, but rather hope that we can support the children in their learning.If you feel that there is not enough content, please continue to look at other websites around the topics and activities given to further promote your daughters learning.

6. Fridays will be Fun Fridays with fun activities.It is also an opportunity to’ catch up’ on any content not completed and have some family time.

7. Extra work has been provided by our Special Education Team for any of the girls receiving additional support. Click on the teachers name and the class for additional support around the English language, Dyslexia etc

If you have concerns outside of this I urge you to contact Ms. Coen on tullowgns.ias@eircom.net and I will do my best to respond promptly.

Please remember to monitor your child whilst they are using the world wide web and only use sites that are child-friendly.

In these challenging times I urge us all for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones to stay apart in order to stay together. Please, please put your health and safety at the forefront of everything. If anyone needs assistance outside of academic support please contact me on info@smltullow.ie

Take care,

Marie Coen

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