Art Appreciation 2024

Don’t forget- Arts Appreciation takes place in SML this Tuesday and Thursday.

See below for class times and information on each session. There will tea/ coffee afterwards in Ms. Ryans room for anyone who would like to stay hosted by the Student Council.

Art Appreciation Mw/5:30-7:00, 49% OFF |

Tullow Arts Appreciation Day: Senior School 14th May 2024

We would like to welcome students, parents, family and friends to join us in celebrating Arts Appreciation Day together in Tullow, so we can share with you some of the creative elements we have been working on.

Our theme this year is Nature.

Ann, our Music Generation tutor, has been working hard to facilitate the programme in our school from 3rd to 6th class, and invites you to join in our workshops, to give you a little taster of what we do in our sessions.

  •  3rd Class Workshop ‘Harmony’  40-10.20am

Join our 3rd class students in a Harmony and melody workshop with a fun interactive setting. Exploring harmony and melody through singing helps to train the ear, benefits intonation, tuning and pitch, promotes teamwork and active listening while using your whole body as an instrument.  Our 3rd class are very excited to demonstrate their own performance piece based on the theme Nature.

  • 4th Class (both) ‘Barred Instruments’ 11.20- 11.50am

We offer you the opportunity to share in a sample music session with 4th class using Orff instruments. Each student has had the opportunity this year to play xylophone, glockenspiels, and metallophones . Through fun imaginative games we encourage students to experiment and create their own melodies and rhythmic patterns. We welcome parents/guardians the opportunity to observe each child playing a barred instrument in a large scale musical ensemble.

 Barred Instruments increases motor skills, coordination and social skills, promotes creative thinking and problem-solving while improving memory, dexterity and agility.

.•          5th Class ‘Musical workshop through Rap and hip-hop’ 12.15-12.45pm

Join our 5th class students to explore creative self-expression through Rap. Through fun imaginative games we encourage students to experiment and create their own unique lyrics and rhythmic patterns. We hope to demonstrate how rap and hip-hop music propels awareness of social and global issues serving as an outlet to musicians to better their academic skills and encourage awareness of other cultures.

For our grand finale we would love to perform for you our chosen piece ‘The champion’ to demonstrate some of the skills we have mastered and enjoy our artistic display through our fashion show.

  • 6th Class(both) Workshop-‘ Performance’ 1.40-2.15pm

6th class students welcome parents, friends, and family to join them in a musical display of their endeavours this year. The whole year will perform their nature themed piece ‘Down to the river to pray’ together and also each class has prepared their own song.  Performance develops confidence, public speaking, but best of all, its lots of fun!!

Tullow Arts Appreciation Day: Junior School Thursday 16th May 2024

The Junior School have been exploring the Seasons with Ali this year, through the Orff principles of ‘sing, say, dance, play’.  We can’t wait to share what we have been creating through music, movement and art.

Junior Infants – Spring   9.15-9.45am

Together with Ali and Ms. Quiney, Junior Infants have been exploring all things Spring! We will use our voices, bodies and instruments to become seeds, flowers, rain and some animals! Using a variety of speech, singing, vocal exploration alongside beat, rhythm and movement skills, we can’t wait for you to join us and to help us celebrate the joy of Springtime – be ready to hop like a bunny and shake like a chicken!

Senior Infants – Summer  9.45-10.15am

It’s Summertime in Senior Infants! Together with Ali and Ms. Madden, we have been busy exploring the sunshine in lots of musical ways! We will sing and play instruments, share a wonderful circle dance, create beautiful butterflies to music with our bodies and finish with a summer bop full of un-pitched percussion and improvisation. We know you will be singing and dancing along with us and we can’t wait!

1st Class – Autumn  11.15-11.45pm

Together with Ali and Ms. Cullen, we have been exploring the beauty of Autumn in 1st Class – the falling leaves, the changing weather, the squirrels gathering nuts and animals getting ready to hibernate. We have poetry, songs, movement, beat and rhythm to share with you, a brilliant game to play, and a beautiful Autumn surprise to finish!

2nd Class – Winter  11.45-12.15pm

Together with Ali and Ms. Brooks, 2nd Class have chosen Winter for their season, and have been working hard to create some beautiful music to share – difficult hand clapping work, a Winter canon using the metal family of our percussion instruments, improvising winter sounds, practising a lovely game to share and a Winter surprise that we are so excited for you to join!

Sherpa School Age childcare survey for pupils in SML starting Sept 2024

Update: If you are interested in before school, after school and holiday care for your daughter please complete Sherpa School Age childcare survey here to register your interest and find our more.

Click the link for Sherpa Programme Brochure

Click here for Sherpa service leaflet to find out more about all the services available


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Senior Infants finished up work on the Athletics strand this week with a mixed stations lesson. The girls had great fun throwing, jumping, hopping and running around the course. Well done girls!

Sherpa Kids: Before, after and holiday care for children in SML

We are delighted to announce that the Board of Management in Scoil Mhuire Lourdes has engaged Sherpa Kids to provide breakfast club, after school care and holiday care at our school. This will ensure our pupils and our families will have the support they need right here under one roof and at an affordable price.  Sherpa Kids will be starting the full service in the new school year (Sept 2024) but before then, they will be launching their service with a 2-week Holiday programme during the summer holiday period. This will give families the opportunity to get to know Sherpa Kids, learn about their Adventure Programme, and build a relationship with them.  More information to follow!

6th class Retreat

The girls who are making their Confirmation attended a retreat last Friday in order to prepare for the sacrament. They had lots of fun with their two leaders and learnt so much about themselves and their classmates. Both 6th classes are looking forward to making their Confirmation this Saturday. We wish them the best of luck.