Health Promoting Schools

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This year our school is taking part in a HSE initiative-Health Promoting Schools. We are pursuing a ‘Yellow Flag’. A Health Promoting School is defined as a ‘school that constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working’.

In a H.P.S., health is viewed in its broadest sense and includes the social, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health.

It recognises that health is influenced by many factors beyond the individual and aims to create a setting that supports health and healthy choices. It is a long term initiative aimed at involving the school community-students, staff and parents/guardians-in a whole school approach to health and well-being.

More information will be provided over the next few months via newsletter, website and notice boards in school. If you would like further information, look at the link here or arrange to speak with the Health Promoting Schools Co-ordinators