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Home School Hub is back to help keep everyone busy and engaged with learning over the new lockdown. It will air every weekday, for two hours from 10am on RTÉ2 starting this Monday, 11 January.

To help teachers, parents and pupils plan ahead here is a short note on what is coming up every day and you can click on the links to see the activity and resources to go with each lesson in English and Irish.

Friday 15/01

Home School Hub 10am
Múinteoir Ray talks to us about feelings and emotions.

Múinteoir John teaches us about games and pastimes in his History Class.

Múinteoir Clíona teaches 3D maps.
Geography – 3D map

Home School Hub 11am
Múinteoir Ray teaches us about narrative writing.
English – writing narrative
Béarla – insint scríofa

Múinteoir John teaches us about water and the water cycle.

And in today’s’ Gaeilge class, Múinteoir Clíona introduces us to “saol laethúil” (everyday life).


Planning for Covid Learning: Beginning on Monday 11th January

1.Online Learning

What is it?

-A weekly plan of work will be provided for each class. Two Zoom sessions will take place for each mainstream class each week (see Zoom Timetable for more info). Further learning plans will be available for the children who are in receipt of additional support (Literacy, Numeracy, EAL, Speech and Language etc)

When are these plans/online learning available?

– Online learning will begin on Monday 11th January. Plans will be uploaded to the school website each weekend starting 10th January 2021.

– Zoom sessions will begin for classes the week of the 11th January (see timetable for day and time of your child’s Zoom sessions)

Where will I locate the plans?

-Visit  www.smltullow.ie and click on LEARNING PACKS FOR COVID 19 for all the weekly plans.

How do find the plan for my child?

-Find your child’s class and teacher under LEARNING PACKS FOR COVID 19. Click on the weekly plan that you wish to view. It will open in PDF format on your device.  Further Learning has been provided by our Special Education Teacher. Click on your child’s SET teacher and your child’s class to access additional learning activities.

What will my daughter need for online learning?

-Access to the weekly plan to know what activities she is doing daily, along with her school books/ resources and stationary to write with. She will need a device with a stable internet connection for Zoom sessions.

Why is the school doing this? What if I can’t do them with my daughter?

-Online learning activities are not to burden families with additional stress or pressure. Instead it is an opportunity for children to engage with their teacher and peers online whilst also continuing their learning journey. Only do what suits your family, their timetable and what is most suitable. If at any stage you are unable to do the work provided or need some more help please email the teacher for support (see contact details for staff below).

  1. Zoom Sessions

How will I know when the Zoom sessions are?

-Check the timetable below to see what day and time your daughters Zoom calls are with her teacher/SET teacher each week.

Zoom Timetable with SET times

Where do I get access to the Zoom session?

-A link to the meetings will be on page 1 of the weekly plan. Click the link on the plan to access the Zoom meeting. A password for all the meetings was sent to your email as part of a PDF document. Please check this before the Zoom session. You may be asked to enter a password pending the device you are using.

What will be going on during the Zoom call?

-Teachers will continue with the curriculum in the core subjects (English, Mathematics and Gaeilge). Topics that will be covered during a Zoom session will be highlighted in red in the weekly plan.

What will my child need for the Zoom calls?

-Your daughter will need access to a charged device that has a connection to the internet in a quiet space. She will need her school books and resources from school, writing materials and an area to write on. She will also need to be able to use the microphone on the device or have a headset.

What role do I have as a parent or guardian during a Zoom session?

-Good Online Netiquette: Please remind you daughter of good online ‘netiquette’. The following are the rules as described in our Schools Acceptable Usage Policy Appendix 1 pg 5. Please revise these with your child before she begins her Zoom session.

Survey and Deep Clean


In order for our school to continue providing teaching and learning to meet the needs of our children, we are asking families to fill in the survey below before November 2nd.




We will be doing a deep clean of our school over the Halloween break.

The children will be bringing home the items from their basket from Wednesday 21st onwards- please be mindful that her bag may be heavier than usual on these days. Please keep these materials at home. We ask that you use the mid-term break to clean and sanitize all her stationary, lunch containers, bags etc so that they are ready for November 2nd when we reopen.


Reminder about morning drop off

Junior- Second class:

School is open and available for these girls to enter from 8.50am-9am

Third-Sixth Class:

School is open and available for these girls to enter from 9am-9.10am

We have noticed a large number of older girls coming to school during the Junior School entry times. Please send your child in with the oldest sibling as we cannot ensure that children are being supervised from 3rd-6th if they are in too early.

Also, there is no parking or drop off outside the school. This area is for the buses only. Please park away from the school and walk to the gate.

This is for everyone’s safety as they travel to school each day.


Accommodation reminder | Lancaster University

Drop Off and Collection Plan for Return to School

Please click here for drop off and collection plan in PDF format

Click here for the FAQ document

17th August 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian, Staff Member,

RE: Drop-off and Collection Routines

The BoM and the School Leadership Team have been working to ensure a safe return to school for all pupils and staff on August 27th. We have now finalised our plans for drop-off and collection of the children every day.  Scoil Mhuire Lourdes appreciates your support as we try to safely reopen the school building. If at all possible we request you do not to come into the school building unless it is essential. The children will be asked to go straight to their classes each morning to eliminate contact with other class bubbles where possible.

We would ask all parents to familiarise themselves with the following drop-off and collection routines for the safe delivery and collection of pupils from school.  Please be patient as we endeavour to embed these necessary precautionary and protective practices at the beginning of the school year.

It is imperative that:

  • adults maintain a social distance of 2m
  • parents/guardians do not try to have meetings with members of staff in the playground at drop-off and collection times – meetings with staff can only take place by prior arrangement.
  • all parents/guardians adhere to the drop-off and collection plans as outlined overleaf.

Teachers from Junior-Second class will be available to supervise your daughter from 8.50am onwards.

Teachers from 3rd-6th class will be available to supervise your daughter from 9am only onwards.

If you have a daughter in a number of classes, we suggest that you send them all in with the oldest sibling each morning and pick up with the oldest sibling in the afternoon (except in the case of Junior or Senior infants where collection time is 1.40pm).

E.g Daughter in 2nd and 6th. Drop off at 9am and pick up at 2.50pm

E.g Daughter in Senior Infants and 4th. Drop off at 9am. Pick up at 1.40pm and 2.50pm

If you are early bringing your child to school, please wait outside whilst practising social distancing as the gates will not be open until 8.50am. If you are late dropping your child into school, please let them walk up Ramp 2 to the reception area where the secretary will aid them in sanitising their hands and will show them to their class.

We have one entry and access point to our school which will see large volumes of traffic throughout the day. Please ensure that you make the drop off and collection process as efficient as possible by not delaying others entry. In order for our drop off and collection routines to be successful we require the co-operation of parents.  Whilst we appreciate that this may not be convenient for many families, it is imperative that the health and safety of pupils and staff takes priority.The above letter and plan has been posted to all families in hard copy.Our aim is to have as few adults where possible on site, therefore if you are happy for your daughter in a younger class to meet you at a designated area, please do so. This will help to alleviate gatherings of people on site. 

Working together we hope to be able to progress the reopening in as safe a manner as possible for all.

Le meas,