Active Schools

This year we are striving to be awarded another Active School Flag. As part of this process we have to come up with ways to improve PE, energise the school day and get more physically active in the community.

We have begun this by developing our PE planning and ensuring all areas of the PE curriculum are implemented.

We have set up a committee with the following representatives from each class:

3rd class: Ms. Coogan

  • Lily Kealy Doran
  • Shannon Warner

3rd Class Ms. Kennedy

  • Lily Purdy
  • Maura Harty

4th class

  • Sophie O’ Brien
  • Eirin O’ Hare

5th Class: Ms. Carroll

  • Niamh Gahan
  • Anna Nolan

5th Class: Ms. O’ Brien

  • Ruby Lavin
  • Mia Johnson

6th Class

  • Sarah Keogh
  • Emily Kelly

In June we will be having an Active School Week full of movement and enjoyment – more information closer to the date!

How you can help.

Children do what we do, not what we say so we can help them get the recommended 60 mins of physical activity each day by getting involved with some of their activities if possible. Come on let’s get moving 🙂