Improvement Plan

Summary  School  Improvement  Plan                             Sept 2014                    



 As part of our ongoing work in the school, we conducted a school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in Numeracy.

This School Improvement Plan sets out the actions that we will undertake in the school over the next three years in Numeracy. The main purpose of these actions is to improve our pupils’ learning


 2. Areas for Development:

Measurement (Time, money, length, weight capacity)



3.We will do this by

a)   Buying appropriate maths resource

b) Making far more use of concrete resources to teach  concepts

c)   Learning logs/revoicing by pupils

d)  Tracking individuals/groups after assessment

e)  Greater use of IT resources.

We will also provide more information to parents on  particular areas  of numeracy.


 How can you be involved?

As a parent you can help us by letting teacher know if your child has a particular difficulty, ensuring homework is covered and generally chatting to your child about the  numeracy concepts she has learned.  You can also get her to be involved in shopping(money) baking at home(weighing) and using everyday occasions to encourage mathematical thinking.   If she is in a junior class, counting, discussing big/small   tall/short  deep/shallow, etc. and recognising numerals on a clock.



 We know we will have achieved our target when children report feeling more confident at problem-solving and measurement, and when testing shows us a rise in the results in these particular areas.