Arts Appreciation Day: Senior School reminder

Arts Appreciation Day
*****UPDATE: Senior School Friday 3rd June 2022*******
We would like to welcome students, parents, family and friends to join us in celebrating Arts appreciation day together in Tullow so we can share with you some of the creative elements we have been working on. Our theme this year- Countries around the world.
Ann, our music Generation tutor, has been working hard to facilitate the programme in our school from 3rd to 6th class, and invites you to join in our workshops, to give you a little taster of what we do in our sessions

• 4th Class (both classes) Workshop ‘Creative Movement’ 9.40 am- 10.20am

• 3rd Class Workshop ‘A Musical Exploration of Harmony’ 11.00 am – 11.45am

• 5th Class ‘Performance and Share’ 12.15pm- 12.45pm

• 6th Class  Workshop-‘ African Drumming’ 1.30pm- 2.15pm

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