Art Appreciation Day: Get the dancing shoes on everyone!

We have been busy putting together a YouTube Video to showcase all the wonderful talents we have in SML in Drama, Music, Dance and Visual Art. The children have picked two themes to base their art, drama and music around. Junior-Second are working with the theme of ‘Under the Sea’ and 3rd-6th decided on the theme’ Food’.

We are asking families at home to get involved also by learning a short dance that Michaela Coleman has put together (it is super short so don’t worry)

You can access the video by clicking here

You can access the music on YouTube by clicking here

We would love for you to send us in a recording/clip of your daughter and the family performing it so that we can get all our school community involved in some way. All clips of your family being creative can be sent to to be included in our Art Appreciation Day showcase by Monday 7th June 2021

(the Bank Holiday weekend will be a great chance to dust off the dancing shoes)

Staff and wider school community have also been getting involved so the pressure is on to see who has got the best dance moves!!

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Coen

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