Junior Entrepreneur


The Junior Entrepreneur Project


This year 5th class took part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme where they learned how to be an entrepreneur and start up their own business. The girls came up with some great creative and original ideas for their businesses which they presented in front of Ms. Kennelly, Ms.Fitzgerald and local business innovator Jacqui McNabb in a Dragons Den event. There were 4 presentations:

Push ‘n Go,

Crazy Mooshakes,

Fun Fruits

Fashionable Reflectors.

The girls gained invaluable business advice from Jacqui McNabb. Mrs McNabb felt that the Fashionable Reflectors idea was the idea which was most marketable so this was the business venture the class undertook.

The children worked very hard cutting out three designs for the reflective clothing of jackets, armbands and belts. These were smiley faces, rainbows and flags. The reflective vests, armbands and belts were then sewn by Geraldine Byrne.

The next step was showing the reflective products at a Showcase event in the hall where the girls presented and modelled their products for parents and classes. This was a great success. The sales team sold the reflective items in Tesco and made a profit of  Euro78.09  Well done girls.


Finally the class went to a  Grand Showcase event in the Seven Oaks, Carlow, where they showcased the reflective items and saw presentations from other schools in the Carlow area. They were presented with a flag for taking part in the Programme. The children put a lot of hard work and effort into the project and did a great job.

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