P.E Days for Classes 2023-2024

Junior Infants: Wednesday and Friday = PE Days

Senior Infants: Wednesday and Friday P.E Days

1st Class: Monday and Thursday = P.E Days

2nd Class: Monday and Wednesday = P.E Days

3rd Class Ms. Eagers: Wednesday and Friday= P.E Days

4th Class Mr. Kavanagh Room 1: Wednesday and Friday = P.E Days

4th Class Ms. Conway/ Ms. Dillon Room 2:Thursday = P.E Days

5th Class Ms. Wall: Wednesday and Friday= PE Days

6th Class Ms. Coogan Room 6: Monday = PE Day

6th Class Ms. Archbold Room 7: Wednesday and Friday = PE Days

For P.E please ensure your daughter wears her navy tracksuit, white t-shirt and runners of her choice.

On all the other days your daughter should wear her school uniform and black footwear.

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