Tullow Arts Appreciation Day

Tullow Arts Appreciation Day

We would like to welcome students, parents, family and friends to join us in celebrating Arts appreciation day together in Tullow so we can share with you some of the creative elements we have been working on. Our theme this year for the Senior School is – Countries around the world and Animals in the Junior School. Ann, our music Generation tutor, has been working hard to facilitate the programme in our school from 3rd to 6th class, and invites you to join in our workshops, to give you a little taster of what we do in our sessions.

The Junior School have been exploring the Animal Kingdom with Elspeth through music and movement and the Orff approach of ‘Sing-Say-Dance-Play’.  Our activities build up our musical and creative skills week by week. We are looking forward to sharing what we have been creating with you as the classes make their own music in response to their animal themes. Elspeth, our music Generation tutor, has been working hard to facilitate the programme in our school from Junior Infants- Second Class.

See below for the date and time of each class performance- we would love families to come and share the day with us. Art work completed by the children is available to view and take home. We will have a donation bucket at the door if you would like to make a donation towards the school and our new play space.

Click here for the full Invitation given to families

Preparing For International Art Appreciation Day - Maids By Trade

Senior School Tuesday 24th May 2022

• 4th Class (both classes) Workshop ‘Creative Movement’ 9.40 am- 10.20am

• 3rd Class Workshop ‘A Musical Exploration of Harmony’ 11.00 am – 11.45am

• 5th Class ‘Performance and Share’ 12.15pm- 12.45pm

• 6th Class Workshop-‘ African Drumming’ 1.30pm- 2.15pm

Week of the Young Child: Art Appreciation Day — Generation Next

Junior School Thursday 26th May 2022

Junior Infants ‘Farm Animals Workshop’ 10am-10.30am

Senior Infants ‘Mini Beasts Workshop’ 10.50am-11.20am

2nd Class Ms. Brooks ‘Under the Sea Workshop’ 11.40am-12.10pm

2nd Class Ms. Kennedy ‘Irish Wild Animals Workshop’ 12.30-1.00pm

1st Class ‘The Tortoise and the Hare Workshop’ 1.20pm-1.50pm

Young Light – National Poster Competition from the Glucksman, UCC

Day 2: Competition Time!

The Glucksman Art museum in University College Cork is running a poster competition  for Cruinniu na nOg – http://www.glucksman.org/exhibitions/younglight.

Young Light invites young people to design posters that celebrate their community and surroundings. As we head out of lockdown and begin to reacquaint ourselves with our local area, we can see things in a new light, colours become more vibrant, people and places can hold more significance.

Across the country young people will create artworks that celebrate their local area, capturing the colours and light of your part of the country or the people and places that make it unique.

The Glucksman are providing video tutorials and live online art sessions to help you with creations as well as tips and ideas on our social media channels.

Entries can be submitted as images by email along with a completed application form.

The Glucksman will share everyone’s creations in a dedicated online gallery, as well as awarding prizes for individuals and schools in different age categories.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday 25 June.

Live workshops (FREE) are running on the Glucksman’s Facebook page, visit https://www.facebook.com/TheGlucksman/

Tuesday 9th June 11am – Art Nouveau style posters

Thursday 11th June 11am – Punk style posters

Saturday 13th June 11am – American Kitsch style

Young Light Poster Image

National Gallery of Ireland

Day 1: Why not take a tour of a gallery today!

We know that you have been working very hard since March 12th at home so this week instead of giving you learning packs you can take a breath and relax.

There is no school work this week. Instead Ms. Coen will post an activity each day around the theme of ‘The Arts’

Trinity College: https://panoramicireland.com/guide-to-ireland/360-degree-panoramas-of-ireland/trinity-college-360-degree-panorama

National Gallery of Ireland: https://www.virtualvisittours.com/national-gallery-of-ireland/

The Louvre in France: https://www.louvre.fr/en/visites-en-ligne

There are so many more for you to visit. Click here for a full list of the available tours

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