Health Promoting School Committee

Below is a list of the Health Promoting Schools Team. We have a variety of staff representatives, parents and children from the school who make up the committee. Meetings are held regularly with updates being posted here!

  1. Ms. Murphy
  2. Ms. Coen
  3. Ms. O’Toole
  4. Fiona Healy
  5. Helen Tooher
  6. Hannah Coady (Second Class)
  7. Zoe Keeley (Second Class)
  8. Jayne Smyth (Third Class)
  9. Aleksandra Djubina (Third Class)
  10. Leah Carthy (Fourth Class)
  11. Rebeca O’Reilly (Fourth Class)
  12. Sophie Brennan (Fifth Class)
  13. Zofia Krol (Fifth Class)
  14. Erin McGregor (Sixth Class)
  15. Mya Cosgrove (Sixth Class)