Maths Week in SML

Maths week has been in full swing this week in Tullow Girls. The children have been taking part in Maths trails, riddles and so much more. One of the most coveted prizes is the Jar of Sweets- Can you guess how many are in it?

Winner will be announced today!


6th class really enjoyed taking part in Maths Week 2020 and spent lots of time playing Maths games, solving puzzles, riddles and problems and competing fiercely in a quiz! Here we are enjoying a Maths is Magic virtual workshop!

Maths Week took place this week and first class were busy enjoying all the different activities. They learned lots of new Maths games, made 2D shape witches and enjoyed a maths trail in the school yard. They also took part in the guess the jellies in the jar competition and problem of the week, loads of fun was had by all!

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