BizWorld Project

On the 17th and the 18th of October Liz Farrell from the Bank of Ireland came in to teach 6th class about starting a business.

On Monday  6th class had to come up with a business name and what they would sell. The ideas were Mentasa Sporstwear, Doggie Disguises, Flavour Burst and Glow Decor.

On Tuesday the dragon (Ms Byrne, the bank manager) came in to listen to our presentations. She chose Mentasa Sportswear as the winners. When the dragon left,  5th class came in to judge the work. Doggie Disguises won that time.

On the 11th of November Doggie Disguises and Mentasa Sportswear will present their projects in the Community School and the other groups will get certificates. We all had so much fun.