Senior Infants Virtual School Tour

Ms. Wall, Tessa and some of the girls from Senior Infants have put together a super virtual tour which shows us all what the girls have been getting up to, and a chance to share with each other virtually!

From Fota Wiilflife Park (homestyle), to tours around mansions and picnics it is clear to see that lots of fun is being had. Thank you to all who contributed and to Ms. Wall for putting it together.


A special video from Ms.Wall!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter holidays. Today we released the butterflies so they can go and play together and make new friends in the garden. Tessa has told all of the butterflies about our school and all of the girls in our class so make sure and keep looking, you might just see one of our special butterflies in your garden or outside. Make sure and say hello if you see them and remember to be very gentle.

Ms. Wall & Tessa 🐛🦋

A Butterfly has emerged!!!

I hope you are having lots of fun at home. Tessa and Ms. Wall have some very exciting news. Our first butterfly has emerged from their chrysalide. Tessa was very excited. Look at the difference in the butterfly’s wings after a couple of hours, they have dried off and you can see the beautiful colours!!

Tessa decided to call the butterfly Tabby.More exciting news on the butterflies over the next few days so make sure to check back. We will release them after a few days with plenty of pictures to follow.

Ms. Wall & Tessa

Caterpillar Update!

Hi girls,
Our caterpillars have now formed into chrysalides so it was time to move them to their butterfly habitat. There was a lot of wiggling and shaking when we moved them but they are now in their new home ready for their beautiful transformation. One of the chrysalides didn’t stick to the lid so he will emerge as a butterfly from the piece of tissue. We will have our five class butterflies within the next week, how exciting 😁 I hope you are all keeping well and listening to all the adults at home.

Senior Infants

Week 1 Senior Infants Ms. Wall 30th March

Week 1 Senior Infants Ms. Hennessy March 30th

Week 2 Senior Infants Ms.Wall April 20th

Week 2 Senior Infants Ms. Hennessy April 20th

Week 3 Senior Infants Ms.Wall April 27th

Week 3 Senior Infants Ms. Hennessy 27th April

Week 4 Senior Infants Ms.Wall May 5th

Week 4 Senior Infants Ms. Hennessy May 5th

Week 5 Senior Infants Ms.Wall May 11th

Week 5 Senior Infants Ms. Hennessy May 11th

Week 6 Senior Infants Ms.Wall May 18th

Week 6 Senior Infants Ms. Hennessy May18th

Week 7 Senior Infants Ms.Wall May 25th

Week 7 Senior Infants Ms. Hennessy May 25th

Week 8 Senior Infants Ms.Wall June 1st

Week 8 Senior Infants Ms. Hennessy

Caterpillar Update

The caterpillars have gotten really big and they have shed their exoskeletons already. They will be ready to cocoon in the next few days as they have started to make their way to the top of the pot. They are eating loads like the Munching Crunching Caterpillar in the story we read together in school. They are eating lots of food to get lots of energy for their big transformation. P.S. I also got a little visitor this week who decided to come and help me with the caterpillars. Look at the pictures to see do you recognise my visitor?