NPC Survey for Parents and Children on School-Age Childcare

Dear Parents,

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) have invited submissions on the future regulations and quality improvement frameworks for School-Age Childcare. The National Parents Council Primary have accepted this invitation and welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Department of Children and Youth Affairs on behalf of children and parents.

To inform this submission we have designed two surveys, one for parents entitled “You and Your Child’s School Age Childcare” and one for children entitled “Your Childcare”. This is so that both your voice and the voice of your child is heard and informs the NPC submission to the DCYA.

School-Age Childcare is defined as any childcare service for school-age children (4 to 15 years), but does not include the likes of after-school recreational sports clubs, school homework clubs etc (you will find a more detailed definition in the introduction to the survey).

We would like to ensure that parents’ and children’s voices are considered in the future regulations for School-Age Childcare, so we invite you and your child/children to each complete a survey. Please explain to your child/children what childcare is, also you might need to explain some of the questions to your child/children as it is really important that we hear how they feel.

Please click here to take you to the parents’ survey

Please click here for the children’s survey

I would like to thank you for your time and support with this survey. Please do share the surveys with other parents of children in your child’s school.

If you have any questions around School-Age Childcare please call our helpline who will be happy to assist Tel: 01 8874477.

Kind regards

Michelle Davern

NPC Administrative Officer

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