Samples of some super work!

This week the girls in 4th class had to choose a famous Irish Sports Star and write a short biography about them. Some really interesting biographies written by the girls.

Look at some of their great work below.

First class have been very busy! Take a look at some of the online work sent to their teacher over the past few days!


Great work by Senior  Infants over the past few days. Take a look below.

First Class have been very busy completing their online work. Well done girls, it is great to see that you are enjoying the activities.

Well done to the girls in 4th class. Take a look at some of their super work!

Ms. Hennessy’s girls have been very busy with their online work. Well done girls!

Holly from 5th class made a parachute from an old school top and string. She used a doll as the model to show how it works. Based on Da Vinci’s inventions of the parachute. What fantastic work! She also did an interpretation of a Renaissance and medival style art .

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