Bishop Denis has a message for 2nd!

Click the link below to watch a message from Bishop Denis for all those who were due to receive the Sacrament of Communion this May…..

A Message to All Preparing for First Holy Communion

Bishop Denis sends his greetings and words of encouragement to all who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion.

Posted by Kildare & Leighlin Diocese on Friday, May 1, 2020

Bishop Denis also invites you to do the following activities:

 1 Make a Prayer Space at home into A May Altar

2: Pray a decade of the rosary

3: Try to go to Mass on Livestream

There are also some resources that are printable here :

My First Holy Communion Home

Bishop Denis is asking children to take photos of their May Altars and send them to the Kandle Facebook page but, if you would like to send them to the school instead you can do so, and I will forward them onto him.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and safe bank holiday weekend.Ms.Coen 😊

Message from The Senior Child and Family Support Network

The Senior Child and Family Support Network (CFSN) Co-ordinator in Carlow would like to let parents know that they are still providing and co-ordinating services for children, young people and families in the county. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the ways in which supports are being provided have been altered to best meet the needs of families, while adhering to governmental guidelines. The CFSN Co-ordinator provides support for all families, whether or not they have been engaged with Tusla previously, these supports can include access to counselling; family support; supports for young children and teenagers; therapy online or on the phone, or help with food and practical supports. If you would like to find out more, please contact your local Snr CFSN Co-ordinator: Sandra Collins 087 3802163

Sandra Collins

Senior Co-ordinator Child and Family Support Network

TUSLA Child and Family Agency

Athy Road

Carlow R93 X9C2

087 3802163


School Transport – Applications for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Transport during the current Covid-19 Period of Restrictions

Dear Parents/ Guardians,In light of the evolving situation with COVID-19, and in order to ensure continuity during this period of restrictions for the benefit of children who require Special Educational Needs (SEN) Transport, the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) and the Department of Education and Skills (DES) have agreed a temporary process to allow for SEN Transport applications to continue to be submitted at this time.  This process is set out below and replaces on a temporary basis the current process which heavily relies on the postal system, with a process whereby applications may be submitted and accepted via email.

The temporary process is as follows:

  1. A Word version of the SEN Transport Application form will be made available on both the DES and the NCSE website. The parent/guardian will complete the relevant section of the application form.  The parent/guardian is asked to type their name in the signature section.  The parent/guardian will email the form and copies of professional report/s to the school.  The school will complete the relevant section/s and forward the application form and reports via email to the relevant Special Educational Needs Organiser (SENO) from an official school email address.   (If steps 2, 3 and 4 do not apply, the next step for the school is step 5)

 OR – where the parent/guardian does not have the facility to complete the form, steps 2, 3 and 4 apply

  1. The parent/guardian is asked to email School Transport Section in the DES via a dedicated email address, details of which will be available on the DES and NCSE websites, giving School Transport Section within the DES authorisation to complete the application form on their behalf.  They should include in the email all the details that would normally be provided on the relevant section of the application form – name of child, gender, address, eircode, DOB, disability category, etc.  There will also be a dedicated phone helpline for parents to contact if they wish to give this detail over the phone to a member of staff in School Transport Section, details of which will also be available of the DES and NCSE websites.
  2. School Transport Section will complete the form on the parent/guardian’s behalf.  When the form is complete, School Transport Section will send it by email to the parent/guardian asking them to confirm that the detail is correct and advise that in confirming that they also understand and confirm agreement to the T&Cs of the scheme and they are aware of why their data is required and how it will be used. The parent /guardian should forward the professional reports to the school for association with the application.
  3. Upon receipt of confirmation from the parent, School Transport Section will email the application form to the school and will inform the school that the Section has been authorised to complete the form on behalf of the parent/guardian.
  4. The school will complete the relevant section/s of the form and will email it to the relevant SENO from an official school email address.  The professional reports should also be forwarded by the school to the SENO.  If this is not possible, the report/s should be emailed from the author of the report to the NCSE.
  5. Once the application is received by the NCSE, the SENO will contact the parent/guardian, in advance of reviewing the application, to confirm that consent has been given explicitly for the processing of the child’s information as part of the application process.
  6. The SENO will complete the form, including the report on the recommendation for transport and will forward the application form to School Transport Section for review and a decision on eligibility for transport.
  7. The application will be processed in the normal manner by School Transport Section.  Communications with Parents/Guardians during this temporary arrangement period will be via email or phone call, using the contact details provided on the application form.

Details of the dedicated School Transport Section if you require assistance in making an application is 087-4107037.

If you have any queries in regard to this process please email:  or

School Transport Section, Department of Education and Skills
National Council for Special Education
27th April 2020

Communion and Confirmation 2020

Good morning to you all,

An update has come from Bishop Denis (below), regarding the celebration of the Sacrament of Communion and Confirmation this year. Unfortunately, as per his statement, they will be postponed for now. As soon as any new information or updates arrive I will let the families know.

We are thinking of all the children in Second and Sixth class, their families, teachers and friends. We pray for you all and look forward to a day when we can celebrate together.

First Holy Communion & Confirmation: I am very aware that we are entering the ‘high season’ for First Holy Communion ceremonies. I am also conscious that 39 out of our 56 parishes have not yet celebrated Confirmation. In honesty it is difficult to see a huge change post the current restrictions, which expire on May 5th. With that in mind, as First Holy Communion ceremonies are already diaried for the weekends of May, I suggest they, like Confirmation ceremonies are now postponed until we get further guidance regarding large public gatherings.
I want to thank our Principals and teachers for the great work they do in helping prepare our young people for the sacraments, work done in cooperation with the local parish and the families of the young people. I also thank Maeve Mahon, our Coordinator for Primary Education. This is a hugely regretful decision, but it is important that while the ceremonies may be postponed, the preparation continues. In early May resources will be sent out by email from Maeve for parishes and for schools and available to families and the wider community on the KandLe website.



Welcome back

I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful Easter. No doubt the Easter Bunny came with some treats during the holidays. 🐇

As we begin our last term I want to encourage you to keep up all that you have been doing to date. I know it is not easy but together we can succeed.😊 Remember to keep your distance from others if you are out and practise good etiquette around coughing and sneezing.

Your teachers have been very impressed with all your work and I have seen so many examples of writing, drawing, baking and cooking- I am not one but surprised by how amazing they are. Be sure to email them with your updates as it is great knowing that you enjoy the activities prepared for you. If you cannot email that is ok too- we know that everyone is trying their best!

A reminder to all that learning packs are located on the school website. Click the Learning Packs for Covid 19 tab. Select the class. Click on the week of work which you wish to view/ download. Remember, use it as a menu and only do what suits you and your family. If you are unsure email your teacher for further support.Their details can be found on the plan each week.

If you have changed your contact number or have not been receiving any texts from the school, please email immediately. It is vital that the school has up to date contact numbers in the event that we need to make contact with you. 📳

Well done to each and every girl who recently entered our ‘Crackin’ Competition’ for Easter. The entries received were phenomenal. I hope you all had as much fun creating, writing and drawing your entry as I did seeing them. Winners will be announced on Friday, April 24th so keep an eye on our school website…🎉

Stay safe,



Music Generation

Week 2 Early Years Junior Infants-1st Class

Week 2 Keep on Singing 4th-6th

Week 2 Sing Orff 1st-3rd Class

Week 3 Sing Orff 1st-3rd

Week 3 Early Childhood Junior-1st Class

Week 3 Keep on Singing 4th-6th

Week 4 Keep on Singing 4th-6th

Week 4 Sing_Orff 1st-3rd

Week 4 Early Childhood Junior-1st

Week 5 Early Childhood Junior-1st

Week 5 Keep on Singing 4th-6th

Week 5 Sing_Orff 1st-3rd

Week 6 Sing_Orff 1st-3rd

Week 5 Early Childhood Junior-1st

Week 6 Keep on Singing 4th-6th

Week 7 Early Childhood Junior-1st

Week 7 Keep on Singing 4th-6th

Week 7 Sing_Orff 1st-3rd

Week 8 Sing_Orff  1st-3rd

Week 8 Early Childhood Junior-1st

Week 8 Keep on Singing 4th-6th