4 thoughts on “Second Class: Ms. Kennedy

  1. Thank you Ms Kennedy for your hard work and keeping me active every day. I love doing the work you give me and I really miss you.

    Bye teacher hope to see you soon. Stay safe please.

    Lucy Rooney

    • Lucy Rooney…. what a lovely message! I will pass this onto your teacher. Keep up the great work!

      We miss you all too. Take care and keep listening to the adults.
      Ms. Coen

  2. Ms Kennedy I miss school so much I don’t know why but we don’t need reading because were reading are work (that’s a tip) just saying if u want to have us to read different stuff u can bye 🙂

    • Hi Nadia,
      We miss school lots too but you have been doing such good work. Hopefully we will all be back together sometime soon.
      Take care and continue to listen to the adults around you! 🙂

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